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mercredi 28 février 2018

Hi my fairy friend,

It’s Adeline , so happy to be here sharing with you a part of my mummy life.

It’s so cold weather in France, Winter is beginning to look very long.
I am in a hurry that sunny days come with the sun, the sea and ice cream !!!
What inspired me to make a beautiful summer memory page, for this I used Sweet and Everyday Wishes kits.
Fresh and colorful kits that bring us back in summer.

Step 1 :
I cutted sheets of kits so that I can paste them in my notebook, I have chosen pictures of my loves (my monsters!!!) I photographed during our last vacation in French Riviera.

Step 2 :
I started to build the paper structure around the photos by cutting small pieces of paper that I glued around or below.
I really like these fun designs that correspond well to the childish world .

Step 3 :
Once the decor of the photos is done, I added some embellishments, some of which I highlighted with 3D scotch.
Look at this awesome Ice cream flair button, so pretty!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I find you very soon for new creations on the blog.

Kiss from France,

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